Blood orange & Chocolate Panna Cotta

This is a simple & impressive way of celebrating our local spring Blood orange season
Blood orange & Chocolate Panna Cotta

Ingredients and Methods

This is a simple & impressive way of celebrating our local spring Blood orange season

Serves 6


375ml pouring cream

135ml milk

6 blood oranges, zest 4

1 vanilla pod

1 cinnamon stick

40 g sugar

60 g 50-70% cocoa chocolate

1.5 gelatin sheets

A generous Splash of grand Marnier


4 blood oranges segmented

NB retain juice

2 blood oranges squeezed

50g sugar

A generous splash of campari

1 gelatin sheet


1) Combine milk, cream zest, cinnamon & vanilla

2) Warm over a gentle heat add chocolate & sugar, Do not boil

As the chocolate melts soak gelatin in a little water, once soft combine with Chocolate mixture

3) Add the Grand Marnier stir until a smooth mixture

4) Pass through a sieve into a bowl and allow to cool naturally, and then transfer to 6 suitable serving glasses then refrigerate till set

5) Meanwhile prepare Orange segments, soak the other amount of gelatin, warm Orange juice add liqueur of choice, drain gelatin and dissolve in the juice, then cool naturally

6) Arrange the segments decoratively on the chocolate Panna Cotta, followed by the orange jelly allow to set in the refrigerator

7) To serve allow to become room temperature 30 mins before serving.

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